Parents Plus Healthy Families Programme

Attention Parents….

Would you like support with the following:

  1. Healthy mealtimes
  1. Fussy eaters
  1. Too much screen time
  1. Children’s self esteem and emotional well being
  1. Bedtime routines
  1. Being more active as a family

If so join Parents Plus Healthy Families Programme free online.

There are two upcoming courses via Zoom on Thursday evenings (7pm to 9pm) from 15th October to 10th December or Monday mornings (10am to 12pm) from 12th October to 7th December 2020.

For more information or to reserve your place please contact:

Adele Keating: by the 21st of September 2020.

Click on the link below for flyer:

Parents-Plus-Healthy-Families-Flyer September 2020


East Coast FRC Quarterly Newsletter 2020

Click on the link below to access the latest East Coast FRC Quarterly Newsletter 2020.

East Coast FRC Quarterly Newsletter 2020

Open Data Engagement Fund

The Department of Public Expenditure and Reform have announced an Open Data Engagement Fund to support a variety of open data initiatives.  This is a competitive fund designed to provide support towards promoting the use of open data on the national Open Data portal data,

Applications can be made for funding to support a variety of Open Data related activities.  These include the organisation of outreach and engagement activities (seminars, competitions and hackathons) and the building of applications and development of visualisations to demonstrate the use that can be made of open data.  This year, particular consideration will be given to projects that use Open Data to address the issue of Covid 19.

You can find out more about this fund and how to apply in the following link:

Resources for schools – LIVE

A new development to support schools in their return alongside Covid-19 has officially gone live from Jigsaw. This new resource is aimed at promoting and supporting mental health and wellbeing in schools and is now available to all schools across the country, including those within/outside of our One Good School Initiative (OGS).

Click on the link below to access this resource and for further information see attached flyer link:

E-Flyer-Jigsaw-Schools Final 

JIGSAW are also trying to actively promote the new live Webchat facility (it is contained under supports in the new Schools Resource). The Webchat service is funded under Slaintecare and provides for a dedicated online support in Jigsaw where we can support any young people (12-25 years) over a number of sessions, similar to actually visiting a local Jigsaw service.

Let’s Get Ready Campaign Day 5 – Some thoughts for parents as children return to childcare

Click on the following link to access guidance for parents whose children are returning to childcare:

Guidance for parents as your child returns to childcare


Let’s Get Ready Campaign Day 4 – Information on the National Childcare Scheme

Click on the following link below

to access information on the National Childcare Scheme.

Let’s Get Ready Campaign Day 3 – Developing a good bedtime routine

Click on the following link below

to access Safefood’s messages on developing a good bedtime routine for children.

mother and child daughter reading book in bed before going to sleep

Let’s Get Ready Campaign Day 2 – Keep washing those hands

Click on the following link below

to access Safefood’s messages on washing hands the Rufus way.

Boy washing his hands in bathroom

Magic Tables in Meath Libraries

The Magic Table (Tovertafel) is a fun care innovation designed for use by people with dementia, autism and learning disabilities. It consists of a series of interactive light games that are projected on to a table and infrared sensors respond to the hand and arm movement of the players.

The aim of the Magic Table is to create “moments of joy” for the users as well as increasing physical and cognitive activity.  Using the Magic Table can bring generations together and create treasured moments with family members and carers.  The games are all about enjoyment and wonder and respond to even the smallest movements. Some of the games can be used to trigger memories, reminiscence and to start conversations. Others can help teach about taking turns and help improve co-ordination. Playing the games in a group can improve social interaction as well as being a fun activity.

Book a Session

If you are caring for someone who has Autism, Special Needs, Dementia or Alzheimers then you can book a session on the Magic Table. The table can be booked by individuals, families or groups.  Please contact your preferred location below to make a booking or click on the following link for more details on booking

Ashbourne Library        01-8358185

Athboy Library                 046-9432539

Dunboyne Library         01-8251248

Kells Library                        046-9436014

Navan Library                   046-9097361

Nobber Library                046-9052732

Oldcastle Library          049-8542084

Slane Library                     041-9824955

Trim Library                          046-9436063

Let’s Get Ready Campaign Day 1 – Resources to support transitions back to school

Click on the following link 

to access resources to support transitions back to school. These resources have been prepared by the National Council for Special Education to help all children, including children with Special Educational Needs prepare for the transition from pre-school to Primary School and the transition back to school.

cute kids with special needs playing with developing toys while sitting at the desk in daycare center